Gallery 20

Pictured are then Sullivan Street Playhouse owners the late Jules Field and Mel Gerstein, flanked by authors Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt back in the late 1980s. Mr. Gerstein now serves as an Associate Producer for The Fantasticks Company.

Gallery 19

The award for the world’s longest running musical.

Gallery 17

From left: Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt, Word Baker, and Lore Noto in late 1970s.

Gallery 16

Clockwise from top:¬†Sarah Rice, James Cook, Seamus O’Brien, Chapman Roberts, Harvey Schmidt, Lore Noto, Tom Jones.

Gallery 14

Producer Lore Noto welcomes Walt Disney Company to Broadway.

Gallery 13

The fathers from left: Richard P. Gang and William Tost.

Gallery 12

From left to right: Jerry Orbach, Rita Gardner, Kenneth Nelson, Richard Stauffer, William Larsen, and Hugh Thomas.

Gallery 11

From left to right: Sy Travers, Tom Flagg, Lore Noto, Sarah Rice, Ralph Bruneau, and David Rexroad