The Guestbook Volume 1

January 23, 2001
This has always been one of my favorite shows to watch for the 1st time I am in it playing Bellamy. Any suggestions?”
January 21, 2001
I saw the Fantasticks last night and loved it!! The music, the acting, and the story were great. I am 14 and could relate to Luisa completely. Charles Hagerty, you were terrific! Thank you all for a magical experience!”
January 17, 2001
I haven’t seen The Fantasticks before. But, I am playing the part of Matt in our city group. I must admit, I was a little skeptical of the part at first, mainly b/c I haven’t even heard of the musical. But when I got the music to it, I was hooked!! I love the songs “Soon It’s Gonna Rain” and “Metaphor.” We perform it on Feb. 16th and 17th here in Selma. I can’t wait!”
January 15, 2001
I must admit I have never seen “The Fantasticks.” Many of my friends have seen it, and for most of the ones who have it is their favorite show. My college (Gardner-Webb University- Whoo hoo! ) is doing the Fantasticks at the end of March, and I got the role I wanted! I am going to be playing Matt.. Though I haven’t seen the show, I’m already in love with it. I have the original cast soundtrack, and I have fallen in love w/ the music. I have done both Grease and Godspell, both of which are more rock musicals, so the music will be so refreshing. I’m just ecstatic w/ excitement. If anyone has any pointers for me when I play Matt email them to me!!! I’ll appreciate it.”
January 12, 2001
I had the luck, and honor, to see “The Fantasticks” performed at the Sullivan Street Playhouse several months ago. The intimate nature of the theatre coupled with the oh-so delicate, beautiful fabric of the show, absolutely floored me. The performance took me away, and I laughed, cried, and exalted in the triumphs and pitfalls of the characters. The collective work of the actors was incredible. They told the story with such truth; the wonderful music propelled the plot into the sublime. Several months later, I had the privilege of playing ‘Matt’ in my college’s production (an incredible experience as an actor). I’ll always Remember the subtleties, depth, originality, and beauty of “The Fantasticks,” and can’t wait to either see it, or be a part of it, again.”
January 06, 2001
Many fond memories of Sullivan Street and the wonderful people there. Bless them all and continued success.”
December 30, 2000
Last spring (March 2000) Riverside High School had it’s first production of The Fantasticks. I played Mortimer and had the time of my life. The interesting thing is that my counterpart, Henry, was played by a talinted GIRL By the name of Kristen Gurbach. We realy had a lot of fun with the production, and much to my suprise I was nominated for best Malr Sub-Suport in a musical, for the Rotary Theater Award.”
December 28, 2000
I had the great pleasure of playing Bellamy In a community theatre production around 1980. This show is a great joy to watch and perform.”
December 26, 2000
Wow! Last November we put on the Fantasticks and we took it to the Pennsylvania State thespian conference where we opened the conference with our production of the Fantaskticks. We had an extremely talented cast and absolutely Fantastick director …Marlene! we thank her for all her hard work and patience with us!I played Amos Babcock Bellomy! i was lucky later on in my senior year to direct Godspell! The Fantasticks is one play I will always remeber deep in December! Love you forever! “
December 26, 2000
December 25, 2000
This is a great website! I love this show, I am a teenager and when I saw this show I felt as if every feeling I had ever had about love and my “then” boyfriend was put to music and words! This show fully expresses the beauty and passion that one feels when they find someone to care and love! And ever though things end and we make stupid mistakes, we realize that and we grow and learn! Thats the great thing! We learn, about ourselves and the “US” that comes when we find someone to love! “SOON IT’S GONNA RAIN” is one of the most simple and beautiful songs, and I truly describes how, you really only need love to make you whole and complete! I hope this show runs for many years to come, because I can only hope that my children can witness such beauty!!”
December 21, 2000
we put the beans in our ears for a reason…”
December 19, 2000
Wow! I love The Fantasticks and now here here I am signing the guestbook. I played the part of Luisa in a production at the Buxton Opera House and Derby Playhouse, England in 1989 and I can honestly say it was one of the best and most enjoyable shows I have ever been in. I wish the company in the USA and any group who is currently performing the show all the best. Long may the show continue and if I ever get across the seas to NY it will be my first stop. Best wishes Helen Illingworth-Brown”
December 07, 2000
HEY! This website is AWESOME! My high school is putting on a production of THE FANTASTICKS in TWO days!!! I play the mute and love this show to death! Its a great show and anybody who hasn’t seen it, email me and I’ll get you info on our show!!!”
December 03, 2000
Hello, What can I say? I love the Fantasticks with all my heart. I was given the opportunity to direct it as a senior project, and I fell in love with it upon first read (without even hearing the music!) The process and the performances were just wonderful, and the show itself is beautiful. It has everything a musical should have. I thank Mr. Jones and Mr. Schmidt for writing and producing The Fantasticks. Sometimes I feel they wrote it just for me. What was even more fun was watching people fall into the magic of The Fantasticks because of my show. It was great. The Fantasticks is life itself. Again, my thanks to the writers. My heart is ever found in this gorgeous show. Someday I hope with my soul that I can perform in the Sullivan Street Production. Best wishes,”
December 03, 2000
Finally! A Fantasticks website!! I was lucky enough to play The Girl down on Sullivan Street for almost 2 years. This show means so much to me and has given me a real home away from home. I also directed a production of The Fantasticks at Young Actors Theatre in 1998 and had the time of my life. This gave me an entirely new appreciation for the show and the lessons it teaches in the different seasons of our lives. I am very anxious to direct The Fantasticks again, so if anyone needs a director let me know! I think it’s an incredible show to do with young people especially – it gives them a taste of the magic that can exist in theatre without all the spectacle. Less is so much more!”
December 01, 2000
Congratulations on the milestone! I played The Mute in a Pittsburgh area production about four years ago. Before rehearsing, my buddy Ron (who played Hucklebee) and I saw the show in NYC and met the cast, including Paul Blankenship and Gordon Jones, who were playing our roles off-Broadway. Two nicer people you couldn’t hope to meet, and the show was great. I’ve seen it twice since, and it’s always like the first time. I only wish the movie would have come to Pittsburgh. Maybe video or DVD?”
November 21, 2000
FANTASTICK! I am so excited to have a chance to do this grand, if not the grandest, pure musical EVER. I played Matt a few years ago, and am now HOPING to play El Gallo in Shorter College’s new production in Rome, GA.”
November 18, 2000
HI saw The Fantasticks when I went on a trip to New york with my drama club last April. I loved this show so much. At first I thought I wasn’t going to really like it because the theater was so small. But in the end, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Keep up the good work!”
November 10, 2000
Thanks for all the information. I am the producer of a dinner theatre in western Canada. We have signed up to do the Fantasticks for our Christmas show. By reading your articles and following your links I have gained a greater understanding of the play and it is quickly becoming one of my favourites.”
November 10, 2000
My parents bought an LP of “The Fantasticks” when I was four. We played that record until it was worn out. I know all the words by heart, have seen it on stage many times. It will always be a huge part of my heart and my life. A couple of years ago, I recorded a tape of “Try to Remember” for James Taylor because I wanted him to ask him to record the most beautiful song of all time. But I found that I couldn’t send just that song, I wanted him to know the context of the song, so sent the whole musical. James never responds to fan mail, and I haven’t heard his version yet, but I hope that he loves the Fantasticks as much as I do.”
October 30, 2000
The Fantasticks has long been one of my favorite shows, and I’m proud to have directed a production that just opened this weekend in Bozeman, Montana. It is really delightful to see the effect that it has on audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The secret of the longevity of The Fantasticks is the fact that it is, in at least some small way, everybody’s story. May it indeed run forever!”
October 26, 2000
I was in The Fantasticks at my high school, and I’m writing a research paper on the show now for my Musical Theater class at NYU. I just love it!”
October 16, 2000
I haven’t seen it yet but anything that’s been running for so long has to be “fantastick”!”
October 09, 2000
Hello, I played the role of Luisa in Mexico City in professional theater for two years, in 1981-83. It was an amazing experience. It was a wonderful suprise to see that you already have a site. If you are interested in having the pictures of the show I will gladly send them to you via email. It would be nice if you had a gallery of your show from around the world. Thank you for writing and producing this wonderful play. It meant a lot in my life and my career. Best wishes and congratulations.”
October 03, 2000
The Fantasticks is our favorite show!! He played El Gallo a couple of years ago! He was terrific. We’ll be in NY in October and will probably come and see it, again!!”
October 03, 2000
October 01, 2000
We have seen the musical plat many times amd we just saw the movie and it is even better. Can you tell us if the movie soundtrack is released?”
October 01, 2000
I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I’ve been the musical director/pianist on 5 productions and, as an actor, played both fathers.”
September 28, 2000
this is by-far my all time favoite musical! My father and his younger brother both played El Gallo in this show in their college years. I have been raised on this show and every year i grow with it i learn more…and i’m only 16…i have so many wonderful years to come. i’m glad such a wonderful show has had the staying power to be part of my life so long after it started. please keep it alive for me…thanx”
September 26, 2000
I first saw “The Fantasticks” at The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville in 1978. I saw it again at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in 1979, and I’ve seen several versions since. It remains a favorite, though the “original” NY version I saw was tired and pretty dreadful by the time I saw it. I don’t suppose it’s ever the same show twice…”
September 24, 2000
In 1998, my girlfriend convinced me to see the show on one of our trips to NYC, and it was outstanding. The simplicity of the staging, the book and score, and the intimacy of the Sullivan Street Playhouse all contribute to a, well, a fantastic work of art. We were lucky enough to get tickets to the 40th anniversary show on May 3, 2000 and it was well worth the trip, especially seeing Jones and Schmidt, the producers, the actress who played the original Louisa, etc. I had a small conversation with Bryan Hull (the Old Actor) at the reception after the show, and he was a very down to earth guy. And the pianist and harpist for the show are world class, in my opinion. Going to see it again in November.”
September 23, 2000
I adore The Fantasticks. I saw a production of it at my camp this summer, and I can’t wait to see the off-Broadway production. A bunch of kids from my camp and I are going to go see the movie as a reunion.”
September 23, 2000
Luisa was my first role in high school when I was 14. One of the “funnest” experiences of my life!! Lauren=) ps. the moon turns red on my birthday every year and always will until someone saves me and takes me back to my palace! “
September 22, 2000
This is probably the cutest musical that will ever be known to man.”
September 22, 2000
Saw the show originally in Chicago. When did it open in Chicago?”
September 22, 2000
I first saw the show as a High School production and fell in love with it then, it’s simplicity and universality of the story (even though the school’s staging tried to make is socially relevant to the times [1969]) have kept it a perenial favorite with me. If pressed I could probably still sing a least one verse of every song.”
September 22, 2000
I first saw a production of The Fantasticks when I was 11, and I loved it immediately. Thirty years later, on that same stage, I fulfilled a life-long dream by playing Hucklebee. In between, I saw the Sullivan Street production four times, taking my 9-year-old goddaughter the most recent time. It’s my favorite musical. Congratulations to Tom Jones, Harvey Schmidt, Lore Noto, and everyone who’s ever been associated with the show. I was disappointed on May 3rd when I couldn’t find a 40th-anniversary ad in the Times, but I never thought to look for an official website! Thanks for doing this. Today the movie is finally being released. I hope it’s successful, but I also hope it will add to the Sullivan Street audiences. May the show run for at least another forty years!”
September 21, 2000
I recall being called in to audition for the role of the Boy when I thought I should have been called to play an older part. Thank you for a tremendous boost to my ego!!!”
September 17, 2000
great musical… I’m the Mute in my school’s production of The Fantasticks and I love the whole story and everything”
September 16, 2000
The profound effect that this piece has had on me over the years… I am amazed, still, at how often I find myself learning new lessons from the book and the score every time I read them. We feel lucky that some works of literature/drama exist… for me, THE FANTASTICKS is one of them. Thank you.”
September 15, 2000
I saw a performance of The Fantastick in New York in 1995 and was touched in a way that no other theater performance has touched me. I love it.”
September 13, 2000
I was just cast as MATT today at our high school. We are taking this show to competition in December. I am extremely excited about it and can’t wait to get it started. If anyone out there has any pictures, videos, or hints of past productions…please email me! Thanks alot! AND MAY THIS SHOW RUN FOREVER!”
September 10, 2000
Sorry! Thank you, Schmidt and Jones!!!”
September 10, 2000
Matt was the first lead I ever played on stage with my first love: Louisa Thank you, Harvey and Schmidt”
September 10, 2000
The Fantasticks is probably one of the best musicals ever written and should continue playing forever. It was the second play I had ever directed and in doing so touched my heart very deeply.”
September 09, 2000
Thank you for making this site so informative. I will be directing a college production of this work in Honolulu, HI this coming November at the Kapiolani Community College. It will be a great joy to be involved with a work that I had listened to when I was a teenager in California-30 years ago. I still relate to Luisa’s MUCH MORE—much more after all these years and listenings.”
September 07, 2000
Wonderful play. It opened before I was in high school and now my daughter played the Mute in her high school production.”
September 04, 2000
This has been my favorite musical for over 30 yrs. I just finished directing it in our community theater. One of my voice students, who has trained with me for 4 yrs. played the role of Luisa and was outstanding. She is only 15 and what a promising future she has. Our patrons made remarks like; “the best show we’ve seen at this theater,” “Wonderful!” Just raves and raves. I fulfilled a long standing dream in getting just the right cast together. They were outstanding. I am proud of them all. Thank you for this delightful show.”
September 02, 2000
I am Musical Director/Pianist for the London Musical Theatre production of “The Fantasticks”. We open on Oct. 12/00 and will do 9 shows. I can’t wait. I love this show! I am still looking for a harp player! Hope we can find someone soon! Question: Can you please send me a list of any other Theatre companies that are doing “The Fantasticks” before Oct.12/2000 in Ontario, Michigan or Ohio. Please let me know! Thanks!”