The Guestbook Volume 2

October 22, 2001
“Just a quick note to say thank you to the cast and crew at the Sullivan Street Playhouse. You truly make magic in this wonderful show.”
October 20, 2001
“My sister and my mother, myself, and a friend–respectively hailing from Los Angeles, western Mass, and Manhattan–converged on the Sullivan Street last Saturday as a birthday present for me (we were the obnoxious party who took so many pictures at intermission). It was the most wonderful two hours I’ve had in all my nineteen years. “The Fantasticks” is a perfect show. I feel so lucky that I was able to see it before it closed. The souvenir poster I proudly have on my dorm wall makes me sigh. Thank you all so very much–great website, too!”
October 13, 2001
I’ve seen the Fantasticks at the Sullivan Street Playhouse twice so far, and am working on the third. Both experiences were absolutely magical- the first time with Evan Farmer as the boy, and the second with Max von Essen. I am really sorry to hear about the closing; the show will be missed by people of all ages, all over the world! Thanks for the memories!”
October 11, 2001
In high school I became a Fantasticks Fanatic…I played Luisa in the production that our high school put on…I was and still am a true Fantasticks Fanatic…”
October 08, 2001
I recently found out that the director of “The Fantasticks,” Word Baker, was from Honey Grove. I grew up here and went to school here and never knew that the man that brought this magical story to life came from my own home town. I never met him, but I really wish I had. I am now a theatre major in a near-by college and I hope to make theatre my career as well. I just wanted to drop a note to the people of the cast and those running the show just to say a 21 year old actor from Honey Grove, TX knows you are there; and wishes he could come ands see the show…IF he had a way! =) BREAK MANY LEGS…and even though the show may close this comming January, I am sure the memory of THE FANTASTICKS will live on for many many ages to come…”
October 06, 2001
I am deeply saddened that the show will be closing. we will never have to “try to remember” the Fantasticks, because it will always be in our hearts.”
October 04, 2001
I am a strong supporter of musical theatre-and wanted to beg you not to close the show!!! The show has been running as long as the Energizer Bunny(and yet you never see the Bunny stopping for a coffee break)Beautiful Music!!! “
October 01, 2001
We just saw the play for the 1st time, with a busload from the public tv station, travelling to Cedar City UT; for a wedding anniversary outing. We’ve been together for 15 years, have known eachother since we were Matt and Luisa’s ages. We rambled through phases of times together, apart and together again. What a timeless piece! We tried to explain it to teenage children, will find a video…At this time our oldest/ first daughter is leaving home for college (sigh) son has a growing thirst for the road beyond familiar ones….and of course, the symbolism with our WTC tragedy… Break a leg in the final performances! (consider keeping it going, even traveling out this way, tho, if possible.)”
September 25, 2001
I first saw the Fantasticks with my High School Drama teacher about 6 years ago, and have seen it three times since. The simple beauty and uniqueness of the entire experience at Sullivan Street is one I will never forget. I hope to be in the audience the Friday night of closing weekend, and I’m sure its going to be a bittersweet experience….the subtle brilliance of The Fantasticks should be shared with someone you love, or want to love … “
September 25, 2001
I don’t ~really~ believe that anyone down there will read my email, and if anyone does…well…I think you’re probably as helpless as I am. You don’t ~want~ to close, you ~have~ to. So, today, I:
1. Got tix to three performances of “The Fantasticks” in NYC. (Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 Matinee and Evening.)
2. Got plane tix.
3. Made hotel reservations.
If you must close, then The Mountain Must Come To Mohammed before you do. I still hope you read my email of suggestions, and “follow” one of them…SAVE this precious gem of a show!”
September 24, 2001
I have sent a long email regarding the closing, but it amounts to this:
If “The Fantasticks,” closes, no heart will ever be “hollow” again.”
September 21, 2001
Is there any way to get in touch with the harpist ?(original cast or current)”
September 20, 2001
Please, please, PLEASE don’t close!”
September 20, 2001
There have been greater shows, greater songs, greater performances, but no musical in the history of the theater has touched the lives of so many people so profoundly as has “The Fantasticks”. Your creation has been an integral part of my life for almost forty years.

I’m coming to New York one more time, just to see your show. Thank you for the experience, and, don’t worry, our hearts will remember and follow.”

September 20, 2001
My husband and I fell in love 35 years ago in Oklahoma seeing Th Fantasticks. We have seen many other productions of this great musical over the years and still love it. Our 35th anniversary is coming up and we want to see it again. Are there any productions anywhere else besides New York? I thought there was one going on in Hartford. Thank you, Elizabeth”
December 03, 2000
My fondest wish has just been granted: I’ve been cast in The Fantasticks in the tiny town of Newport, WA. As a 40-something woman, this is a dream not expected to be realized but I’ve been cast in the role of Hucklebee. After three failed attempts, my husband is finally playing El Gallo. The rest of the cast looks incredible-strong singers and actors. You never know what you’re going to get in community theatre; we’re delighted.

I first saw The Fantasticks at Ft. Huachuca, AZ when I was nine years old. My only memory of the show itself is “They’re beating a man in a monkey suit!” but I remembered much of the music and sang it for years. (For some reason they handed out ditto sheets of the lyrics for many of the songs.) I’m so sorry to hear that the run is closing after so many years. It has been a dream of mine to see it at the Sullivan Theatre.”

September 17, 2001
One of my favorite shows to watch, and absolutely my favorite to play. I’m a harpist, could there be any other show? I was so disappointed to hear “The Fantasticks” was shutting its doors forever at Sullivan Street. The City will never be the same.”
September 12, 2001
Always Follow follow follow! Because you must always try to remeber how to plant a radish because plums are too ripe! Hehe! Love the show, keep up the “fantastick” work!”
September 11, 2001
I love The Fantasticks!”
September 11, 2001
Oh my god! I can’t believe the show is actually closing. Surely something can be done to stop this after-all it’s not just your average limited-run show is it.”
September 07, 2001
I would have loved to see the original cast in 1960. As a matter of fact, I would love to have seen any of the casts over the past 5 decades. Fortune would have it that I would not be able to go to the Sullivan St. Playhouse and see this wonderful play as it should be seen but I do congratulate all of you who have been able to realize that dream. From those whom I know that have seen it over the years not one has ever had a bad word. A great play in a great playhouse. It’s much like the Resurrection…just because I haven’t seen it personally doesen’t make it any less great. As the show comes to a close I only hope what follows will be something worthy of standing in the shoes of a giant.”
September 06, 2001
On Valentines Day 1968, I took my love to see the Fantasticks. It sings directly to the heart.25 years later, I took my 17 year-old daughter to see it. It still had the warmth, brightness and freshness of the original. Today, I spoke to Parkinson’s Disease patients and their caretakers about how music sparks memories and ease burdens and adversity. I shared this story.Played and sang “Try to Remember”. While my voice is flawed, the moment was filled with joy and love. My wife came up and we sang and danced and cried…along with each person there. I heard a rumor that the show might be closing. I hope not, because a have a grandson whose only four and I want him to take him as a teenager.Thank you for a marvelous memory repeated in our hearts and minds a thousand times.”
September 06, 2001
I was just reading the New York Times and saw an article that the Fantasticks was ending it’s run soon… I can’t believe it!!! I love the Fantasticks, I’m going to have to see it another time or two before it closes…. I wish it didn’t have to close, it’s such an amazing show!”
September 06, 2001
I can still remember the first time I heard the music from The Fantasticks. This show is beautiful and timeless – with each passing year, the message of the show seems to deepen for me. I am saddened to hear of the Sullivan Street’s closing of the production, but am glad to know that somewhere in the world, this show will always be going on. It has meant a great deal to my life, and I am so thankful for everyone who has had a part in its success.”
September 06, 2001
THE FANTASTICKS, to me, is one of those shows that I always go back to. Having played Mortimer in college, and Matt at age 31(!) — and seeing my first production of THE FANTASTICKS at the age of 10, I can truly say I have “known” the show the majority of my life. After seeing CATS years ago, the first show I got tix for afterwards was THE FANTASTICKS — just to sit there at the Sullivan St. Playhouse and “feel” a show, for a change.

So sad to hear that this little gem is closing. I remember when A CHORUS LINE closed, and it was strange: what else could possibly play at the Schubert besides ACL? The same for THE FANTASTICKS. It’s a landmark. And we’ll miss it.”

September 06, 2001
I read today with some sadness in the online edition of the NY Daily News that the play would be ending its New York run in January 2002. I would like to thank everyone connected with the creation of “The Fantasticks” for helping me begin a love affair with musical theatre. I first saw the play at The Citadel Theatre in Edmonton, Alberta in 1989, and with that experience, I have concluded there is no other forum in performance that excites the senses more than musical theatre.

One of my most memorable experiences in theatre was to finally go to New York in January 1999, and be able to go to the Sullivan Street Theater to take in a production there. Thank you for awakening a lifetime appreciation of not only musical theatre, but live theatre as well.”

September 06, 2001
The Fantasticks was the first off-Broadway show I had ever attended. My theatre class filled almost every seat during a class trip in 1969. To this day it remains my fondest theatre memory (including the many shows I have been in or worked on since). It is like going home, a place that always has to be there. For me the Fantasticks at the Sullivan Street Playhouse is the home of theatre, the place that where theatre will always live in our hearts.

Just having gotten married recently one of the things I had looked forward to was introducing my wife to the Fantasticks (she’s from Russia, so she’s never heard or seen it). I’d like to think it would still be playing to introduce our grandchildren to theatre as well……….

One can only hope………..


September 05, 2001
I knew it had to happen someday- but I can’t really belive that the day is actually here. The Fantasticks is closing! I wish it weren’t so, but since it is, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all involved in this wonderful production. It is truly a great piece of American Theatre history and you all should be pleased with what you have accomplished. I just wish that I could have been there with you, as I have always hoped to play Louisa at the Sullivan Street Playhouse. Thank You again.”
September 05, 2001
So, I go the AP story in the mail telling me that The Fantasticks is closing! We can’t let that happen! In 1986 the show was going to close and the audience and fans said “NO!” So, I say we all get organized and keep this show going!!! Get as many people as possible to see the show! Please, e-mail me ( and hopefully, we can keep this timeless show playing forever!”
September 02, 2001
I played El Gallo in the Original New York production for hundreds of performances since June 1999…it has been one of the happiest experiences of my career…and one I am most proud of. I am always delighted to go back…the freshness of the show never ceases to amaze me, and the audience reaction never fails to prove the magic and uniqueness of live theatre”
August 31, 2001
I am playing the harp part in a local production and i have a lever harp . is there an arrangement for the lever harP”
August 30, 2001
I was assigned to research this music for my History of Musical Theater class, and I am really excited to get started! It’s a ‘fantastick’ production!!”
August 28, 2001
I saw the show on a Sunday afternoon (@The Sullivan St. Playhouse) in the 1970’s and was delighted. I immediatedly got the cast album and now I also have The ‘Japan Tour’.
Long may it run. It was wonderful theatre.”
August 22, 2001
I 1st heard about the play on Joe Franklin’s Memory Lane radio show on WOR recently. I can’t wait to see this play which can be considered an historical landmark in itself! Then it’s off to Joe’s restaurant! Good Luck!!”
August 20, 2001
I saw The Fantasticks first in 1961, when I first visited New York. It was great! I then saw it again in 1995 (fancy that!) and 1997: it was still great! Thank you!”
August 02, 2001
I also saw in the Times theatre listings the “Final Weeks?” line. I had the pleasure to meet Lore Noto this year and tell him how appreciative so many people were that the show continued to run. It’s too bad that so many people visiting New York have to see a “real Broadway” show, and, in doing so miss out on seeing a show which is certainly better than or equal to any of the shows in the big houses. Perhaps the Mayor, in one of his last official acts, can declare the Sullivan Street Playhouse AND The Fantasticks a historical landmark and preserve not only a piece of theatre history and New York City history, but a show that continues to both touch established fans and delight new ones.”
July 30, 2001
I saw the Fantasticks for the first time at the end of March, but this is my first time to the website and I had to post a message. I went to see the show on a Friday evening with my school choir because we were in the city for a rehearsal(we performed at Carnegie Hall on April 1st! What an experience..). My choir teacher suggested the play and we agreed on it. I can’t express how thankful I am to her that she decided to have us see this show. I love it! It was absolutely amazing and I’m planning on coming in again to see it hopefully before the summer’s end! Thank you for continuing with the magic.. it’s amazing! (My good friend and I decided that our ultimate goal is to be in this play together when we get older.. it’s amazing!)”
July 30, 2001
I just read in the paper that there is a possibility “Fantasticks” is closing and I am extremely upset. “Fantasticks” has come to mean so much to the people of the city of New York – I can’t even imagine walking down Sullivan Street and not seeing that big white and purple sign! I know that this show, like everything else must come to an end some day, but this is not the time. I beg you to do whatever is necessary to save this show once again, as you’ve done so many times in the past. And if anyone knows ANYTHING AT ALL that the public and theatrical community can do to help this matter (letter writing, fundraising, etc.) please WRITE A LETTER TO THIS GUESTBOOK AND TELL US! This show came into existence with a huge amount of love and sacrifice – please let us help keep it running.”
July 28, 2001
I’ve seen it at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in NY and in numerous professional and amateur productions around the country and it is magic. Always has been, always will be. ‘They were you’ a great resolution piece, my favorite in the show. Listened to Barbara Cook’s tribute to Gower Champion cd on which she identifies that song as his favorite as well. I will definitely go out of my way to see it again.

The dvd is FINALLY out, but I wish they had not tampered with the play as much by leaving out scenes. Excellent cast.”

July 19, 2001
I played Luisa in “The Fantasticks”this past school year. Although I had never heard of the Fantasticks before my audition, I know love the show. My favorite part is that there is no real star. Every one is on the stage for about the same length of time. The music was beautiful. Our high school did something a little unusual with the show, we made the girl’s father, a mother. We just had so much talent that we decided to alter the show a bit, but the message and intent of the show was still found and kept in the hearts of everyone in the audience for a long time afterward. Thank you for writing such a wonderful show.”
July 18, 2001
Watching “The Fantasticks” was as simplistically beautiful as opening a Christmas present a day early…Tears ran down my face, but I didn’t even realize it until after the show had ended. A thousand thanks to a beautiful cast…March 21, 2001.”
July 13, 2001
I just saw the Fantasticks again at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in NYC after an absence of 20 years to this city I love so very much. This might be my favorite musical–the simplicity, the mixture of innocence and wisdom. I will not wait another 20 years before seeing it again. Thank you for a beautiful night.”
July 10, 2001
I attended the 7/8/01 3pm performance. It was my 6th time I have seen ‘The Fantasticks’ in New York. I’ve lost count on how many high school and community productions I’ve seen.

It was of course – wonderful.

Thanks for the magic!!”

July 09, 2001
I love the Fantasticks and have seen both the film starring Jonathon Morris and also the UK production also starring Jon. One of these days I would love to come out there and see it in the USA. In the meantime take a look at my website with it’s photos from our version of the Fantasticks. My url is Maybe one day Jon could play his part on the stage out there. That would be a sight I would not want to miss. Count me in – front row every show!”
July 05, 2001
Okay, I said a year ago, in the 1st guestbook, id actually move to NY and audition for The Fantasticks, well Im here. I guess Ill always be a Fantastick.”
July 05, 2001
I watched the play like two months ago, and i just loved it so much!!! Matt, the boy was very cute in it, i must say. I am 15 years old, and i really liked the role of the girl in it. I hope this play lasts more! Also, i was doing little skits of the play for my school with our acting class, and I love it so much!!”
July 02, 2001
I just had the pleasure of playing Bellomy in a community theatre production of “The Fantasticks” (we did four shows this weekend). I had played the part the summer after I finished college, but that was 20 years ago. It was less of a stretch for the audience this time than it was when they had to believe a 22 year old guy had a 16 year old daughter (who was played by a 23 year old girl)! Hope to see the show in NYC sometime–“
June 28, 2001
I saw The Fantasticks in December of 2000 on a “NY trip” with my school music dept. Our Director has been making this trip for years where the kids see many shows, but of all the shows we saw, i was astonished and amazed at this one. Later in the spring we found out that the summer production that we put on every year would be THE FANTASTICKS! I had to be in on the show whether i be casted or just lighting, i didn’t care. I had the honor of being an El Gallo’s in our double casted performance which is in three weeks. I just want to thank Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt and everyone who has worked on this fantastic show(no pun intended). “Oh, I nearly forgot”, if anyone wants to see the show, we open July 19, email me for more details. God Bless! Sincerely,”
June 20, 2001
Hey, its me again from down there… I just wanted to say I love theatre and I could sooooooooooo play he part of Matt. I happen to think I look like a perfect matt and the music is right in my key. I wish some of the community theatre places here would do it becouse id be the first to audition!!! as soon as i get back to New York im seeing this.. I loved The Phantom and The lion king but The fantasticks im REALLY excited about!!!!”
June 20, 2001
I rented the fantasticks to watch it and I absolutly loved it. Its like nothing else. Its perfect. If theres anything id want to do it would be to see it in New York. I regret missing it when I went last april. I can remember that kind of september!!!”